Brave Fastest Web Browser for PC, Android and IOS

What is Brave Browser

Brave is a Chromium engine, It’s a kind of a web engine which is used by Google chrome. It is a web browser which available for PC as well as Mobile Device. It is more Private, faster and totally secure than all the other popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The founder of the brave Browser named Brendan Eich. He is also the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox Browser. He is also known for the Invention of JavaScript, it is a programming language.


Brave Browser for PC     

Can we use the brave browser on pc, Definitely you can use brave its super-fast browser 2x faster on desktop than any other browsers and 8x faster on mobile than Chrome Browser. It provides you 100% security other than that you can also use it in Android and in IOS. Click here to Download


Brave Browser for Android

As the brave browser is available on Pc,  Brave also provide you with the browser on your android phone and also provide you in IOS. Brave is 8x Faster than chrome browser in mobile. Brave Users mostly enjoy fewer ads and trackers. Click here to Download

Which is the fastest Android browser

Nowadays in 2019, I would recommend Brave is now the best Browser to use in android device. It is 8 times faster than other famous browsers ever. Brave is also popular with its unique attributes.

Brave Browser fast Adblocker

No doubt, Brave Browser is such a super-fast browser.  The reason that brave browser is best because Brave comes Prepackaged. The best feature in brave browser is  “ Ad-b blocker ” whenever you disturbed by ads on different sites, the brave browser provides you imported adblocker extension to block ads on every website that you opened instead of adding different extensions and downloading different software, brave automatically block these ads which are unwanted until you unblock it.


Brave Browser Extensions

the fundamentally braver browser supports most of the chrome extensions provided in the chrome web store. Other than that brave is Prepackaged browser, It fulfils all the basic needs of the user. The user doesn’t need to add extensions but if there are other extensions that the user need so brave allows to add the extension of the browser. Brave Browser includes 100% security and automatically filing the bugs, safety benefits and like the Prevention of like malware and fingerprinting etc.

Brave Browser vs Chrome Browser

According to Brave, Brave Browser is a lot faster than other popular browsers like Chrome. Brave Made a practical video in which they compare Brave Browsing Speed with Chrome and Firefox and show that how fast Brave and Google chrome loads with AdBlock and without AdBlock. In that test, the brave successfully loads with and without AdBlock faster than other browsers. One another thing is Brave Browser attracts the users because of its unique attributes.

Brave Browser offline installer

can we offline install Brave Browser on PC, No you can not install the brave browser on your Pc you must on your internet connection while installing? Some of the users requested to the Brave browser to provide offline installer but it still it is not provided to install offline.

Brave Browser free download  

Can we Free download Brave Browser, Yes Brave is totally free Web browser you don’t need to buy anything in it. Even you can earn money using Brave Web browser.

Earn money with Brave Browser

Brave also provide the earning way while using brave Browser. You can definitely make money with Brave. Let me show you the Simple way, First, you have to download Brave Browser not matter if you have Android, IOS or PC Just Press the download Botton.  When you downloaded the brave Browser open it and you will see the Brave logo in the URL bar then just tap on it and so you will see the interface Create a wallet, then you need to create a wallet and then you will be automatically a part of brave Rewards. Click here to Download

What are Brave Rewards

The brave team launched a Brave Reward Program for its users. In this Reward Program, you will get BAT tokens. This tokens for those who downloaded the Brave Browser in whether in Mobile or Pc you will get you token on the time. In the start, Every user will get surely get their BAT Token it makes $5. Not only that even you can earn by viewing ads in that browser. Recently 100,1000 BAT Token has been granted to the Brave users.


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