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We put our focus and obsession with technology includes home security, kitchen appliances use by proper and deep researching, testing, reviewing all the products that make your home safer and smarter than ever. We believe that our home-most important people matters, Definedside make more efficient it for you by putting reviews, pictures, features, all the information that you needed in this regard in one place. Definedside.com is packed with amazing kitchen gadgets that show you exactly facilitate you.

Our professional chefs and experienced home cook guide properly how to select good products? What is needed in a kitchen appliance whether it’s an oven or it’s a cutting board? We will upgrade your kitchen and security system by producing an article that delivers accurate information that nobody else delivers.


What we do

We examine national crimes and all the safety trends that are taking place; that show how they affect you and your neighborhood. The defined side uses that knowledge to find out whether they’re significant according to your time. Whenever we see flaws and any gaps in coverage, our sharp eye screening detect, then we acknowledge brands and companies, consumers, they buy products after checking out our reviews about that product.

We choose Amazon.com’s best products that accomplished kitchen requirements and have good reviews. The best thing that we have is honesty Industries change it into better.


How we do it

We do more than casual research, test security systems, and smart gadgets in outdoor and indoor security to report on the good, the flaws, the average. We boiled out all the information and obtain the essence of purity-products for outdoor and indoor safety.


Our product reviews

Our product reviews are independent and purely based on complete and advanced research and product testing that not any other site does in reality. We conduct a team of professionals to research and recommend a huge range of products and make a complete list. After we publish an article we just don’t forget it, we update the article with the time and change previous products with the new and advanced ones.

When it comes to updating and keeping of recommendations fresh accurate and helpful we keep an eye on the latest home security and kitchen appliances releases from car security cameras to ice cream makers and more. We always recommend that sellers who deliver excellent services and have good reviews. in addition to facilitating you even more than you think.


Why we love our jobs

At Definedside, we help you to put a step and make a decision you can feel right about that. We turn complex into simple and offer practical pieces of advice to protect your homes, offices, and cars. Our reviews promote products that benefit you.

We cover master products and best sellers of amazon that deliver products with excellent service. Providing good reviews and sharing it, that why we love our jobs.


Why should you trust us?

Our product recommendations from the defined side are purely editorial, neither take free samples for reviews nobody can dictate our content. Instead of this, we do our best and help you to make smarter purchases and avoid scammers.


How we test products?

We believe in using products as a normal person in a kitchen or for our home security, we buy all the products and then we test it, never accept anything from the manufacturer for free and, We have a whole team who spend time to evaluate the results and after checking and complete testing.

So, We usually send products to our team members they can compare how brands are different from each other. It takes a handsome amount of time to test and review the product, we take this headache to provide you the best.


Meet our team

  • Hazrat Ali Afridi (Owner)
  • Mahnoor Khan( writer & editor)
  • Bisma Shakeel (writer & editor)


H- Ali Afridi

owner of definedside.com, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker that exactly know what people find to facilitate their lives, a software engineer who works hard to provide excellent products through his websites.

He has been a blogger for the past five years with a complete focus on home appliances such as security systems, kitchen gadgets, and other home appliances. Lead our team with a creative mind and under a strict testing environment to gain good outcomes.


Mahnoor Khan

Mahnoor Khan, a software engineering graduate, has experience of 3 years of digital marketing, a certified digital marketer, content writer, and copywriter. A perfect copywriter who delivers data that makes you feel right about any product. After processing our testing phase product comes to our editors and writer who examine the reviews of our testing team, then they write and edit the article accordingly. Mahnoor Khan has 4 years of experience in copywriting. She has specialized in home security and smart home appliances as a copywriter.


Bisma Shakeel

Bisma Shakeel is doing her job as a copywriter, an editor on Definedside.com has. She has experience in copywriting, content writing for the past six years. Before joining the defined side, she was an author on another affiliate website and digital marketing through her genuine reviews about products. Student of psychology, a future psychologist. Recently working on definedside.com to show actual and honest content. Expert in copywriting for 2 years and done best editing and writing.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us by emailing us if you want to ask any questions. Our mailing address below. Our respected owner will answer you personally

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